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 About me and my collection  


I started my stamps on stamps collection years ago when I tried to combine my grandfather’s transportation on stamps and worldwide collections, my father’s space on stamps collection and my own fauna and flora collection into one. The stamps on stamps were the most interesting stamps of all and I decided to concentrate on this topic, not knowing how fascinating and popular it is. Starting to look for information regarding the stamps on stamps and the identification of the stamps inside them I got to know (and later joined) the STAMPS ON STAMPS COLLECTORS CLUB (SOSCC) and many other sources of information.



From SOSCC: “The topic of stamps on stamps is one of the most diverse of all topicals. Ever since Sir Rowland Hill first advocated the use of prepaid pieces of paper to be adhered to letters to expedite their delivery, people have been fascinated by the postage stamp. It should come as no surprise, then, that the postage stamp is being used as a stamp motif, and that topical collecting of stamps on stamps is popular. The topic of stamps on stamps is an interesting one in that it covers many different areas and avenues while still being true to the stamp topic.”




SO, this site is not a commercial site. Sorry, but I’m not selling anything…..It is a virtual collection of “Stamps on stamps” and of course the stamps “inside” them or the stamps they “reproduced” (regarding the “Type A”), most of the “Type SY” or “Type U” and few “Type B” (those I consider as stamps on stamps).

In addition you will be able to find here some stories and lots of links to interesting sites that I found.

I hope you will enjoy it.




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